Conor Maguire Bundroan

Conor Maguire has been surfing since he was 11, but his fearless exploits over the past few years have earned him a reputation as a leading big wave rider.

Date of birth

1 December 1993

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Surfing Big Wave
Conor Maguire was nominated for six World Surf League Big Wave Awards since 2015 and recognised by the Big Wave World Tour with three nominations in three different categories at the surfing body’s 2016 awards.
In 2017, Conor received the prestigious honour of XXL nominations and finished in the top five in the Tube of the Year category at the Big Wave Awards. All those accolades made him the youngest European to be shortlisted for the World Surf League Big Wave Awards.
Conor received an invite to the world-renowned Punta de Galiea XXL in 2017–18, which catapulted him to global recognition, opening yet more doors to big global surfing events.
Arguably his biggest achievement to date happened in 2020, when Conor surfed what may be Ireland’s largest ever swell at Mullaghmore in County Sligo. A combination of freakish Atlantic currents and travel restrictions ensured Conor was able to enjoy a private audience with Mother Nature that he won’t forget in a hurry.
“It was just this huge, scary black blob that we saw in the Atlantic a few weeks before it hit. The storm looked as though it was about to swallow the whole continent. It was hard to believe it would do what the data was predicting, but the night before the swell started to build, a weather buoy off the coast of Ireland revealed record-breaking figures and we knew we had a shot.”


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