Bundoran surfer who rode 60 ft monster wave in Sligo up for award

A magnificent 60 ft (18 m) wave graced the shores of Mullaghmore, and one Bundoran surfer took the opportunity to surf it. Here is what happened.

Bundoran surfer Conor Maguire, who hails from one of Ireland’s most renowned surfing towns, is the man of the hour in the eyes of the nation and, of course, Red Bull themselves.

It may be coming up to the one-year anniversary of his unbelievable accomplishment of surfing a 60 ft (18 m) monster wave off the coast of one of the best beaches in Sligo.

Still, this achievement has landed him some amazing Red Bull Big Wave award nominations.

How on earth did he conquer Ireland’s biggest ever wave in Sligo, we hear you ask? Well, let us tell you!
Surfing award nominee grabbed his opportunity – how it all unfolded

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